What Sanskriti is all about

Sanskriti is a passion, one that every student Jadavpur happily personifies into the most beautiful and culturally diverse festival of the year. To us SANSKRITI is not an event, it is a concept; it is like weaving reality with threads of a dream. Today, more than 30 years from its beginning although Sanskriti stands as a very famous and awaited event but we, the students of JU, had never strived to reach that goal. Our aim is to recall our identity, our culture, our sense of the world around us and redefining the mechanical norms of social and cultural life. It sounds clichéd. But that is our aim. And more importantly,that is the feeling that acts as the guiding force as we work for Sanskriti.

While working for Sanskriti one gets an odd and warm feeling of creation, of stirring new life into a cold and dead sensation, of finding new ideas and new thoughts that one didn’t believe existed before.. Cultural activities have graduated from Sanskriti to Film Festival, Tech Fest- Srijan and Union Fresher’s Welcome U-Turn for us, these are all manifestations of our inherent wish to brighten up the world around us, to be more creative and to walk with everyone in the world on a new path of discovery. On the way we pick up delirium, hysteria and heart-aches.But that is all part of the adventure. After all, its Sanskriti.


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